We have recently been hearing from retail gift card professionals that they haven’t touched their gift card interface in a very long time. “We really haven’t done much there” is what they say. They can’t garner the internal resources required for testing and implementing changes. Additionally, the company that powers their first-party gift card sales simply doesn’t have the flexibility to deliver the changes they so badly need.

Commerce platforms are expected to be fully customizable, offer advanced functionality and undergo constant platform/performance improvements. Why is this not the standard for first party gift card experiences?!

Why do gift card teams feel like their hands are tied behind their backs when it comes to increasing first party gift card revenues?

We decided that this reality must change.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the world’s most advanced First Party Gift Card Platform. Built from the ground up, with only one guiding principle: empowering gift card teams to achieve their sales goals. You can now take control with robust functionality, flexibility, and get your first party gift card platform to perform.

The last few months led us to create a truly white labeled experience – one that ‘lives’ within the brand’s domain and is designed to mimic each partner’s unique branding & design.  The world ‘template’ doesn’t exist in our lexicon.

We would like to thank the amazing gift card teams from some of the world’s leading brands that worked with us to build this platform by sharing  their needs and current pain points in the gift card space.

Enhance with Plugins

The ‘gift card plugin’ is a game-changing approach. Plug & play modules that can easily be activated to enhance the platform’s functionality. These include bulk purchase, corporate branding, product e-gifting and A/B testing.

Make your e-gift cards special with American Greetings   

We’re proud of our partnership with American Greetings – brands can now allow their shoppers to attach any of the popular American Greeting cards to their e-gift card within the purchase flow. This functionality will forever change the way we send and receive e-gift cards.