With Christmas right around the corner, shoppers are scrambling to finish their gift shopping. According to the statistics you are probably one of them. Google trends – last minute giftsshows a 1000% spike in last minute gift-related searches days before the holiday.


Google trends – last minute gifts.

57% of shoppers don’t even complete their holiday shopping a couple of days before Christmas – they are considered in the retail world the ‘procrastinators’ or the ‘last minute shoppers’. Interestingly enough, these shoppers hate being part of that statistic.

How shoppers are outsmarting the ‘last minute gifters’ syndrome

But, there is an ever-expanding  group of shoppers who are already sitting back on their couch without a gifting worry in the world. They’ve outsmarted the system.

Our data analysts started noticing this phenomenon last holiday season when they pinpointed a massive spike in scheduled gifts for a very specific date – December 25th. At first it was flagged as a system bug, but then it hit us: shoppers were purchasing gifts but scheduling their delivery for a later date – simply to avoid being a holiday gift procrastinator.

A few quick surveys and user interviews we cracked the case:

“It drives me crazy” a gifter told us. “Like most people, I work and don’t have the time to go out and shop before Holiday. Even if I wanted to, I’m not going to start sending out gifts 3 weeks before holiday.”

Shoppers are being ‘forced’ into being last minute shoppers and they don’t like that. So they are looking for innovative ways to shop earlier, but gift later.

Then our ‘bug’ became a widely used feature.

Introducing the ‘Instant Scheduler’ by Jifiti

Instead of the regular ‘calendar scheduler’ which allows our users to select a specific date, we updated the experience for a one click ‘Send on Christmas Day’ featureschedule-selection. Since then we’ve seen an increase of 72% of holiday scheduled gifts.

Why? Because it’s the only way that shoppers can purchase a real and thoughtful gift while scheduling the gift notification to go out at the perfect moment – on Christmas day. The recipient can then enjoy their eggnog, send a nice thank-you card from the gift notification screen and redeem their gift at their own convenience.

Last minute gifters want out. E-gift scheduling is their answer.

Haven’t completed your holiday gift list yet – Try out our Gift schedular right now – https://gifts.jifiti.com/schedule/