We created this cheat sheet to prepare for the NRF Big Show 2018. It was so effective, we decided to pay it forward and make it public.

With 35K attendees, 18K retailers and 600 exhibitors, the NRF Big Show is by far the most comprehensive retailer gathering in the world. It brings together all the C-level managers, decision makers and the latest retail trends & technology solutions – the perfect setup to showcase latest retail solutions.

There is one thing for certain: You don’t get a trophy for participation.

The NRF 2018 Cheat Sheet : Make the most out of the Big Show

With so much going on over the three day show, the key to a successful event is preparation and focus.

In order to strategically prepare and focus on the relevant meetings/outcomes we were looking for, we created our very own NRF cheat sheet. It worked so well for us that we decided we need to pay it forward by making it public.

The magic is in the data we collected for you to easily prepare and strategize towards the show.

☛ The NRF 2018 Cheat Sheet

It includes all the public information that appears on the NRF 2018 site along with helpful info we added and tools to manage your outreach and scheduling.

The doc includes:

  • Exhibitors (712)
  • Speakers – (153)
  • Attending companies (2,564)

In addition to this info we added some useful data that will help you both review the companies and connect with the relevant attendees to set up meetings at the event:

Each attending company/exhibitor in the doc includes:Company Website

  • Linkedin search – company name
  • Linkedin search – company employees
  • Twitter/Facebook company profiles (when available)
  • Exhibitor sector tags
  • Booth # and location map

How to work with the cheat sheet

  1. Make it your own: Grab a copy of the cheat sheet.
  2. Review the most relevant sheets to your business needs – ExhibitorsSpeakers or Attending companies
  3. Use Column A in each sheet to mark the most relevant contacts
  4. Use the LinkedIn search link to easily find and connect with them on Linkedin. You can easily refine the LinkedIn search with relevant titles for each company. Popular attendee positions are typically: CEO, Innovation, Manager, Director, Sales Director, VP, SVP and IT

You can use this cheat sheet as your personal conference scheduler and manage your connections and meetings.

I hope you find this as helpful as we did.

Don’t be a stranger

We’ll be exhibiting our white-labeled gift registry and gift card platform at booth #3453 together with our partner kiosk.com. Drop by to say hi or shoot me an email (shaul@jifiti.com) to set up a time to meet.