Whether it’s a client, a partner or an employee, a gift shows your appreciation for their work and dedication. There is probably no better way to show your appreciation than with a gift that shows you invested, thought, time and money in.

Many people have asked me – on a business level, is there a return on investment for corporate gifts? Do gifts bring business results?

My answer is always the same: Absolutely not. There is no ROI for gifts. There is, on the other hand, certainly ROI for appreciation.

Allow me to explain. Another question I get a lot is, how much should I spend on a corporate gift? My answer here is simple: you’re not spending on a gift, but on showing your appreciation. The question you should be asking is, what is the best way for me to show my sincere appreciation? Sometimes a $15 tumbler with the logo of the university the recipient graduated from will be much more impactful than a $150 basket of cookies. On the other hand, a client with 4 kids that receives a large cookie box to their home with a note about enjoying quality family time over cookies will be the best form of thoughtfulness and appreciation.

Sometimes, the note that accompanies the gift can be much more valuable that the gift itself.

When you get it right by showing appreciation, the recipient will connect with your gift on that level, and not on the level of how much the gift costs. And when you show sincere appreciation, the ROI is priceless.

Granted, we can’t measure the ROI for appreciation in numbers, but you do know that the tone of your next call with the recipient will be very different.