We still think there is only a small chance that bots will completely replace the human race by 2017, but we do think they will be a great addition in some fields.

One of those fields is gifting. And that happens to be our space. That’s why we’re proud to be announcing today the release of our Gift Bot API after being approved as a FB Messenger bot.

As the leader in gifting solutions for retailers and brands, we’ve learned a lot. The insane volume of gifting we do for instance, on the Jifiti powered Evite Instant Gifts platform and the Jifiti powered Gift Registries out there, has taught us a lot on gifting.

For instance, that gifting requires a ‘trigger’. A reason for the user to send a gift. When there is no instant trigger, gifting activity drops drastically. The #1 (by far) gift trigger is an event invitation or a shared gift registry. Mainly because it is the most natural next step for the user in those cases. When that same user is browsing elsewhere without a trigger, gifting is usually out of context.

Another learning is that gifting is a stress-ridden activity for most of us. When a gift sender needs to know the recipient’s shipping address, guess their preferred color or style, and hope they will need or want the gift, it’s not a simple task. In the vast majority of cases the gift sender relies on recommendations for gifts and is looking to be walked through the process.

Enter bots. single image

Let’s face it. We all know that bots aren’t human and won’t replace (for most of us) our best friend. But a bot that is powered by such a powerful gift algorithm and can suggest gifts from leading gift partners such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Gap, Toys R US, Overstock.com, Best Buy and many others, can be a good friend in time of need.

Jifiti’s gift bot engages in a friendly conversation with the user, learns about the gift recipient’s gender, age and interests, as well as the occasion for the gift and the sender’s budget. It then suggests a carrousel of relevant gifts from leading retailers that have partnered with Jifiti.

Once the shopper browses and finds the perfect gift within the chat, they can purchase and send the gift by simply entering the recipient’s email address and a nice message. The recipient can then open their gift online and modify or exchange it before it is shipped by the retailer.

The Gift Bot API is open to publishers looking to monetize their existing bot and content, as well as to retailers looking to engage with shoppers and suggest relevant products from their own product catalog as gifts.

Like most humans, bots aren’t perfect and have a lot to learn. Our gift bot is constantly learning and improves daily. But we’re proud to be on the forefront of gifting and work closely with our partners to make it a fun and easy experience.